And God created Suicide bombers (video)

Death plays a critical role in Mind Control that promises Allah's grace for becoming an assassin. From at least as far back as 11th Century Persia (Iran), beautiful virgins have been promised to terrorists who enter the afterlife participating in a jihad. The First Grand Master of the Order of Assassins Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah struck fear into Middle Eastern leaders from his hideout at Alamut Castle. According to Edgar O'Ballance in Language of Violence: The Blood Politics of Terrorism:

His method of indoctrination was unique. He constructed a secret garden and furnished it with all the delights promised in the Koran…to the faithful when they reached paradise. The chosen were drugged, one or two at a time, and taken to this garden by night. When they woke up in the morning they were surrounded by beautiful and scantily clad [women] who would minister to their every need and desire. After being allowed to savor this false but pleasant and sensual paradise for a day or so, they were again drugged before being taken back to awaken in their own squalid hovel or cave dwelling. To them, it was as if it had been a vivid dream. Ben Sabbah then sent for them, told them Allah had given them a preview of paradise, and surprised them by telling them exactly what each had been up to while in the secret garden. So successful was he in this method of conditioning and indoctrination that it was said he once astounded a visiting emir whom he wanted to impress with his power by sending for one of his men and ordering him to kill himself which he immediately did.

Anthony Stahelski, in the March 2004 Journal of Homeland Security, notes that terrorism researchers have compared terrorist groups to cults, and they have concluded that the cult modelis applicable to terrorist groups. Stahelski identifies five phases in the inculturation process of violent cult groups: depluralization, self-deindividuation, other-deindividuation, dehumanization, and demonization.